The Sommelier
speeds up traditional
decanting time.

One hour of decanting,
down to one minute.

One minute of oxygenation in the Sommelier™ is equivalent to one hour of traditional decanting time, meaning you can enjoy your wines just minutes after opening, rather than waiting hours for traditional decanting methods to take effect.

uses 90% pure

The air we breathe is only 19% oxygen. The Sommelier’s specially designed decanter sends 90% pure oxygen through its centre column and into its base. Allowing oxygen to access every precious drop of wine in the decanter, rather than just contact through the surface. This method not only results in a precise and even decant, but it also minimises the exposure of the wine to all kinds of impurities in the air that can taint its flavor.

An even
decant every
time with the

The Sommelier’s decanter is specially designed to send purified oxygen through the centre column and into the base of the decanter, allowing oxygen to access every precious drop.

Enjoy your time
entertaining not

The Sommelier is built for entertaining.

Spend your time entertaining your guests, and let the Sommelier take care of the rest. By reducing the time taken by traditional decanting methods, the Sommelier allows you to not only involve your guests in the wine selection process, but also allows you to rapidly decant wines your guests may have brought with them to dinner. You can rest comfortably assured that all wines throughout the course can be enjoyed at their full potential, faster.

Just select, press and savor.

Add an extra dimension
to your spirits.*

If the mood takes you the Sommelier isn’t just for wine, included is a smaller 7 fl.oz glass decanter. Perfect for breathing life into your favorite whisky’s and cognacs.

*7 fl.oz Carafe sold separately.